Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Snozzberries

Not done with this. It's another exercise from Step by Step Guide to Painting Realistic Watercolors. Yesterday's oil was not dry so I couldn't mess with it anymore, and I was in a watercolor mood.

Russ was pretty unhappy with the idea of me leaving for a weekend to go to Carrie's workshop... :(   I am hoping I can make another one, but I'm pretty much on my own with watercolor for now. So, I'm working my way through this book. Do my Snozzberries look like Snozzberries?

This is just the first layer but I don't have time for more today. I kind of rushed the leaves, too, which is how I know it's time to quit for the day. That, and I'm grouchy.  Chocolate cake didn't even help much.