Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Today, my sister-in-law stopped over, and I also have a bunch of typing work to do, and I decided I'd skip drawing or painting and make some jewelry.  So I did.  And while I was making jewelry, I finally got a chance to listen to AHA's 30 Paintings in 30 Days:  So What Have We Learned? podcast, and in it she read the email I sent her talking about how I would continue on and sketch with a view to painting and I thought:  "What was I thinking!?  I can't not do art today!"

So I headed to the studio and I thought maybe I'd work on a sketch with a view to painting it, and looked over my list of stuff I wanna paint, and a carousel horse was on it.  I think painting a carousel horse in watercolor would be a ton of fun, so, while I looked at several google images of carousel horses to produce this sketch, I'm proud to say I didn't copy one of them... this is a big deal for me.  (his feet gave me fits... they need work).

I don't know if I'll transfer this one to watercolor paper to paint or try another sketch tomorrow, but I think it'd be enormous fun to produce a series of themed carousel horse paintings, probably in watercolor, because it seems like a good medium for it. 

On with the other stuff I MUST do today, but I'm glad to say I showed up in the studio today despite everything :)