Monday, February 4, 2013

50 Hands & 50 Feet Challenge

Because one challenge isn't enough this month, (and also because it was my intent to begin with, to improve my drawing skills), I decided to take on a second... SenshiStock's 50 Hands and 50 Feet Challenge.  It's my plan to do 10 hands or feet a day until I make my 100, hopefully by the end of the month, and thereby overcome any hesitance with drawing them, and also the plague of a mind-block I have when it comes to foreshortening (#10, not bad I think, considering I thought it was awful in progress).  I may not get to this every day but I should manage it by March 1.
And today's contribution to One Billion Rising is another henna-inspired watercolor.  At its center is a sort of Triskele.  This particular symbol has a lot of meaning for me; it represents the phases of a woman's life and the maiden, mother and crone aspects.  Juggling these three aspects at any phase of life is part of what it is to be a woman; the maiden represents innocence, the mother nurturing and the crone... well, she can be a bitch sometimes (as is sometimes called for).  Also, as my own life phases out of the motherhood stage -- my son is grown and in college -- there are a lot of lessons for me there, too.  Learning how to be something other than a mom.

Which is kind of what this art thing is all about, when I get right down to it.