Thursday, February 7, 2013

Koi Band

$25 plus shipping

This is my largest watercolor to date, about 9x12. When I sat down today I thought I'd paint a carousel horse but this was what happened instead.

The reference photo I used is beautiful and I'm not sure I captured the values I wanted to... I just don't know how to create the dramatic darks in watercolor. So I'm not 100% pleased with the water, but I think the fish came out pretty good.   As you can see, I did several layers for the background.

Carrie Waller is doing a workshop in March that covers exactly that, plus her amazing luminous glass painting technique in watercolor.... I sure would like to go.  Dare I hope I can get to it?  For my birthday maybe? :)

Also, blue painters tape sucks.  Just for the record.