Friday, August 7, 2015

New stuff

#7, still on a Lammas theme. 

#8 Triforce type design. 

#9, 1up mushroom
#10, Mandalorian mythosaur
#11, Starfleet logo

#13, someone pointed out to me that I have no mermaid designs!

And I'm caught up!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Happy Lammas

It's a pagan festival called Lammas today; the festival of the wheat harvest and high summer. In its honor I did a goddess henna design today. 

I forgot to post here yesterday so here's yesterday's design. 

These are #5 and #6. 

I hope midsummer finds you amid plenty. As for me, rather than drawing this in the morning I am doing it at night, with my window open, listening to the eerie calls of some kind of owl that I'm going to need to identify now. 

And maybe do an owl design tomorrow. 

Cecil - 4/100

I thought I needed to do a lion today in honor of Cecil, the lion who was killed by a trophy hunter this week. 

Rest in peace gallant boy.