Thursday, September 15, 2016


Watercolor & Inktense (blocks) on Canson Moulin du Roy 300# Cold Pressed Paper
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My friend Marcy Bell (click on her name to go check out her beautiful jewelry) posted a picture of this gorgeous succulent that was flowering in her garden , and I immediately wanted to paint it.  It was a challenge!  I haven't done anything monochromatic in watercolor.  It makes me want to paint a pure value painting with a glaze over it, the same way I've done in oil, and watercolor would really lend itself to that.  Something to file in the try this in the future file.

This evening I went to the Mad Writers' Club at our local bookstore, The Mad Raven.  Back in the day (high school and shortly after... it was a long time ago) I assumed I'd be a writer.  It was what I did and what I was good at.   If you'd told me I'd be an artist I'd have laughed at you and said I had no talent (pay attention, people who say the same thing, it's not true!!).  

Lately -- for the last six months or so -- I've been thinking about marrying the two somehow.  Maybe illustrate some of my poems, or write a children's book.  It's an intriguing concept.  I was looking for inspiration at the Mad Writers' Club, and I found it.  More to come!