Thursday, September 1, 2016


Bode Island 

Bodie Island Light, Inktense &Watercolor, $40 (shipping included)
Done on 12x9 Arches 140# watercolor paper (painted area is 5x7, so can be framed either size)

Happy September, and happy 30/30 challenge!  My month kicks off with a pic I requested from a friend traveling to NC's Outer Banks. I have a ton of awesome OBX memories, since we used to go every year when my son was little.  I'd love to go back.  Thanks to my friend Jerry Hutchinson for the inspiration!

Bodie Island lighthouse is one of only 12 operational tall lighthouses left in the US, and it still has its original Fresnel lens.  It was recently renovated and you can walk up the 112 steps to the top.  Its name is pronounced like "body" -- some sources say it's because a family named Body once owned property in the area, and others say it's because of the many shipwrecked sailors' bodies that washed up from the "graveyard of the Atlantic" (the waters near the Outer Banks are quite treacherous).