Saturday, August 27, 2016



It's getting to the point where I have all these little paintings floating around -- ACEO sized, postcard sized, and 6x6.  I had the ACEOs in little trading card sleeves, but it was pretty bleh as far as a way to display them.


So I thought, why not make scrapbook pages out of them?  I bought these little corners at Jerry's and that way, if I ever sell one, I can pop it right out of there and leave a spot for another one.  

And then I thought, I could put more than these little paintings in here... I could put my favorite photographs, even photographs of jewelry I'm really proud of, poems, photos of larger works or things that won't fit in these, all that stuff.  It could be for real a scrapbook of every creative thing I've ever done.  Well, okay, I don't have every creative thing I've ever done and this scrapbook would hardly hold it all.  


These pages are not all finished, but on a day when art was frustrating (nerdgoat) it was nice to see something come together.