Friday, August 12, 2016

Gelly Roll Call


As so often  happens, the day got away from me and right before I went to bed I realized I hadn't made anything today -- no art, no jewelry, nothing.  I had so much fun drawing Nin's portrait with my Gelly Roll pens yesterday that I decided to play some more with them tonight.  

Why a poison dart frog?  We recently took my sister-in-law to Tennessee Aquarium and my son Brandon (age 23 right now) went.  While we were there we saw a habitat with poison dart frogs of all sorts, and Bran and I had fun reminiscing, because when he was little he collected little plastic life-size PDFs.  We had fun pointing out "You had that one... and I think that one..."

Good times, good memories, and art before bed.  Hope you like him.