Friday, January 24, 2014

Confession Time

Sometimes, art isn't about inspiration 24/7, or wild passion to get the next thing on canvas.  Sometimes it's about dragging yourself to the studio when it's soooo hard to do.

I'm so blocked.  I think it's because I volunteered to do 3 custom paintings, one in September and 2 in November, and they have piled up, and I am NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN.  Never, ever more than one at a time. 

And, I got busy with making jewelry for the holidays and I'm just way, way out of the painting groove.   I haven't been able to drag myself to the canvas for this 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.  *sigh*  Another part of it is that I cleaned the house for Christmas because we had it here for the first time ever (yay!) and partof that invoved shoving all of the crap in the rest of the house into my studio, so it's awful cluttered mojo reflects mine.  Gotta fix that.  Spring, hurry up and get here, I desperately need a purge and yard sale.

But about these three donation paintings:  don't get me wrong.  I'm actually excited about the three subjects I'm painting.  One is a beloved dog who passed away last year, and the others are adorable ponies that I think will be actually quite cool.  It's just that, it feels like ages before I get to paint something I want to paint, just 'cause.  Of course, the longer I put off doing these, the longer that age gets.  And I'm just not painting.  

Anyway.  Monday is the one year anniversary of Georgie's crossing the rainbow bridge and I really want to get this painting to her mama by then, so I did some work on it today.  I actually sat with Georgie's picture in front of me when I meditated today because I wanted to get a feel for who she is.  I love her smiling eyes and I imagine her tail was just as happy, and I imagine she loved a good belly rub.  I never met her but I used to be a vet tech and she has "sweet dog" written all over her.  Also, "huggable."   

So, Georgie, I hope that there are lots of turtles for you to find and lots of hugs and belly rubs on the other side.  And I hope my efforts here and the memory of your smiling eyes and adorably crooked ears will give your mama some comfort.

Still, obviously, a work in progress.   But she should be done in the next day or two.

In other news, I got Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's Dreamscape Myth & Magic for Christmas and I am very much looking forward to painting some dragons and other mythical goodness (unicorns maybe?).  I'm torn.  I have decided I much prefer my oils to watercolors, and I'm wondering if I can adapt some of her watercolor techniques to this media.  Can I get excited about art again?  Like my inspiration Julia Cameron says, sometimes you just have to show up at the page/canvas and let the divine work through you, however it chooses to do so. 

So yay, I showed up today.  Here's to many more days of showing up.

By the way, please don't take my foot-dragging as reluctance to do commission work :)  I'd love to paint your beloved pup, horse, cat, bird, or whatever, too, whether they're here with you or gone to greener pastures.  I have a few beloveds I still need to paint for myself.