Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mornings In Space

I love mornings. The house is quiet with a stillness that doesnt feel the same at any other time of day. It's my time... I work best, and it seems like once noon happens I lose control of my time.

My intent is to journal, meditate, paint. I sometimes neglect the meditation. I could take a lesson from my cat-guru Magoo, who can't wait until I open the studio door so that he can commune with the space heater.
Today I put on some Vivaldi and returned to my nebula. I'm overworking it, I think. It's nearly done but I'll probably tinker with it one more time and add the big stars once this layer is dry. I'd really like feedback on this one.
What do you think? Would you hang it on your wall?

The theme for Creative Every Day for January is "Dark."  I have two paintings in mind for this theme and this is the first.