Friday, July 12, 2013

Sam I Am

"I am Sam."  -- Sam
"Sam I am."   -- Sam
Well, I was in the process of trying to figure out what quote I wanted to put on the watercolor for my sister-in-law's birthday present (she previously admired one of my henna-esque watercolors, so that was my plan.  But I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to put on there.  So it's been sitting there for a week.

Then last night she stopped by to make plans for her birthday dinner, and she was admiring the painting of my little dog Dink that I did last week.  She said "I should have you do one of Sam" (her Yorkie pup).  I said she should.  She then went flipping through her phone pics and found one and said "That's cute."  I told her to text it to me.  Well, that was easy.  So I went and got an little 8x10 canvas and a frame for it today and got busy, which is good cause her birthday is Monday (3 days!).  Don't fail me now, Liquin!  Dry fast so I can finish it!
Why on earth did I pick blue for the background?  It's the slowest color to dry and it kept getting mixed into the browns for the dog.  Hopefully it'll look like shadows when subsequent coats are painted over it.  Fingers crossed.
Also, this doesn't look much like Sam yet -- more like a Cairn terrier wearing Donald Trump's toupee -- because I couldn't paint his formidable eyebrows over that blue.  If the timeline is to be kept that must happen tomorrow. 

That Weimaraner gave me fits but as it turns out, fluffy dogs are much more comfortable to paint.  I'll have to paint more of both.  You have one you'd like me to paint?  Check the Commissions page for pricing (which is going up as soon as I get a few more pet/horse portraits under my belt, because they take me a while).