Thursday, June 13, 2013

A is For....

This morning I logged on Facebook and my friend and art inspiration Crystal Cook had started a new painting challenge... one painting for each letter of the alphabet.  Go check out the one she did today :)

Since this isn't a painting-a-day challenge I decided to join in and play along.  Honestly, part of my decision was because the other one I'm working on can be B is for barrel racer.

This is A is for Apple-loosa.  Found this adorable image of an Appy baby. It was a tough decision because I'm partial to Arabs (and Andalusians) but I've never painted an Appy before and I thought it would be fun.  And this little guy was too cute to resist.  So, he's roughed in here, I should finish him in a day or two (it's 6 x 6 inches), then I can finish the one of Mahala and Grits. 

I don't know this lil foal but don't worry, I have an Appy story that I'll tell this weekend.  I doubt I'll get to paint tomorrow since the farrier is coming out to trim my horses' feet, which means I'll get to ride soon! :D :D :D

I haven't decided whether I want to include my horsey journey blog with this one, or make a different one on the site that's dedicated to my horses.  What do you think?