Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Some progress on the violin. The Aquabord is a little weird in the way it takes up paint. I wet the violin surface but it doesn't seem to dry at the same rate, so I had some problems with blotchiness. I think it'll straighten out in subsequent layers though. I'd really like to like this painting surface.

In other news, last year was the first year we were members of a CSA. It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically, you contract with a farmer and pay a fee at the beginning of the growing season. They then provide you with a certain amount of fresh produce weekly throughout the year, depending on what's in season. 

We adore this concept. It's an affordable way to have organic, responsibly grown, local food on your table all year.

Our farmers, Miracle Mountain Farm, asked me if I'd be willing to exchange services this year... I make them a logo and paint their sign, in exchange for a substantial discount on our fee this year. I'm excited for the opportunity to do this, and I can't wait for fresh produce!

Anyway here's the logo I came up with for them. It still needs coloring; I think I may attempt to do that on the computer.